Joseph D Lewandowski

About Authentic Boxing

For several years Lewandowski trained at a local Kansas City boxing gym, aptly called Authentic Boxing

The gym is located in Kansas City's West Bottoms, a post-industrial area immediately to the west of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Once home to Kansas City Stockyards, this area is one of the oldest districts of the city. It's rich history was also marked by the rule of Jim and Tom Pendergast, political bosses who controlled much of Kansas City's politics from 1925-1939.

Both amateur and professional boxers train at the gym. Training consists of a combination of shadow boxing, strength and conditioning drills, bag work, and designated weekly sparring sessions.


Lewandowski has photographed the area and, based on his time in the gym, has published essays on boxing in both English and German. View photo gallery.

He has also used his time in the gym as the basis for his more recent teaching devoted to boxing and urban culture in the US.


Additionally, Lewandowski briefly spent time training and doing ethnographic research at Box Club Žižkova boxing club in an historically Roma district in Prague.

Currently, he is working on a project devoted to boxing and post-industrial urban life in the US, portions of which were presented in conjunction with the following film screening in the Czech Republic: