Joseph D Lewandowski

Urban Social Capital "is a book that adds major insights to our understanding of how social capital is constituted and transformed in the city. This in-depth and cross-cultural examination gives us unexpected findings about the diverse contradictions of urban social capital."

Saskia Sassen, Columbia University


"Comprised of very interesting and original papers on dimensions of social capital in cities across the globe, from Kathmandu to Baltimore, Los Angeles to Shanghai, Urban Social Capital makes a strong case that public policy must focus on constructing spaces that enhance cross-group interactions as well as improving income inequality and construct integrative spaces as quickly as possible. It discusses both positive and negative aspects of urban social capital using a variety of disciplinary lenses and approaches, and contains an innovative use of both qualitative and quantitative data. This collection represents the next step in rigorous application of analysis to the concept of social capital in cities."

Amrita Daniere, University of Toronto


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Trust and Transitions "is an important book on an important topic...[in] the study of the legacy of distrust and emerging trust as a vital component of social capital in transitioning countries." Human Affairs 20.1 (2010)


Trust and Transitions "is a valuable and interesting contribution to the study of social capital...its relevance extends well beyond the realm of transition countries. In fact, any student or analyst concerned with social capital, its formation and measurement and its socioeconomic impact would be well advised to read it." Czech Sociological Review 45.6 (2009)


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Interpreting Culture "is a highly original and signal contribution to debates about interpretation and culture in the philosophy of the social sciences. With its rich discussions of urban sociology, race, and other examples from the social sciences, this book informs and challenges philosophers and social scientists alike."

James Bohman, St. Louis University


Interpreting Culture presents an "often provocative reading of Adorno and Benjamin, and it bridges philosophical, sociological, and ethnographic literatures in a novel way. The text carefully moderates contemporary debates by articulating a model of social theory that insists on a context-sensitive vision of truth. Lewandowski...insists that social analysis must remain situated, and capable of producing change. These core tenets of the book prove potent, and thus students and scholars working within these fields would be unwise to ignore the 'logic of constructing constellations'." Cultural Critique 58.1 (2004)


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