Joseph D Lewandowski
Lewandowski's research spans over two decades. During that time, his work has moved within and across a number of areas in social and political theory, with a particular emphasis on trust, social capital, culture, sport—especially boxingand inequality in the post-Communist and post-industrial urban milieu.

Specific avenues of research include:

  • Social Philosophy: Social Ontology | Epistemology | Stratification
  • Sport Studies: Boxing | Violence | Ethics
  • Urban Studies: Street Cultures | Urban Planning | Structural Violence
  • Political Theory: Social Capital | Democracy | Inequality
  • Development Theory: Poverty | Capabilities | Globalization
Lewandowski's current work continues to advance the above thematics in innovative ways in a monograph tentatively entitled, The Epistemology of Cool: Essays on Boxing and Post-Industrial Urban Life, portions of which have already appeared in English (Journal of the Philosophy of Sport) and German (Berliner Debatte Initial).