Joseph D Lewandowski
Social Capital

As an expert on social capital and social poverty, Lewandowski continues to serve as a Working Group Fellow at the Legatum Institute, where he is engaged in work devoted to the creation of the Legatum Prosperity Index, a multi-dimensional analysis of prosperity and poverty across the globe.

In his capacity as a Fellow, Lewandowski is an ongoing contributor to the United States Prosperity Index.

Additionally, along with colleagues in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States, Lewandowski has been consistently engaged in research on social capital and civil society in post-Communist countries and urban centers in the US and Europe. 

As the co-leader of the Social Capital Research Group, Lewandowski's work has been devoted to a comparative examination of theories of social capital, democracy and development in the contexts of post-Communist transitions, urbanization, and globalization.

In 2006 the
Social Capital Research Group's symposium, Democracy and Social Capital: A Czech-American Dialog, was held at the US Embassy in Prague.

The results of that symposium were published under the title, Trust and Transitions: Social Capital in a Changing World, which Lewandowski co-edited with Milan Znoj.

Urban Social Capital: Civil Society and City Life, a related study that examines urban social life in a global context, has also appeared with Routledge.

Lewandowski's research has also explored the significance of social poverty and democracy and inequality from within the framework of social capital theory.