Joseph D Lewandowski
Social Capital

Lewandowski has contributed extensively to the field of social capital theory and research. In 'Sport and Social Capital?' (webinar), he provides an overview of his work and seeks to extend his research into the area of sport studies.

As an expert on social capital, Lewandowski continues to serve as an Advisor at the Legatum Institute, where he is engaged in work devoted to the creation of the Legatum Prosperity Index, a multi-dimensional analysis of prosperity and poverty across the globe.

In his capacity as an Expert Advisor, Lewandowski is also a founding contributor to the United States Prosperity Index.

Additionally, along with colleagues in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States, Lewandowski has studied the relationship between social capital and civil society in post-Communist countries and urban centers in the US and Europe. 

Lewandowski's research has also explored the significance of social poverty and democracy and inequality from within the framework of social capital theory.