Joseph D Lewandowski
Oldies but Goodies
"Thematizing Embeddedness: Reflexive Sociology as Interpretation," Philosophy of the Social Sciences 30.1 (2000): 49-66.
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"Unpacking: Walter Benjamin and His Library," Libraries & Culture 34.2 (1999): 151-157.
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"Adorno on Jazz and Society," Philosophy and Social Criticism 22.5 (1996): 103-121. Reprinted in Theodor Adorno, ed. G. Delanty, Masters in Social Thought Series, London: Sage Publications, 2004.

"Modernity and Its Vicissitudes," Cultural Critique 29 (1995): 139-162.

"Heidegger, Literary Theory and Social Criticism: A Review of William Spanos' Heidegger and Criticism," Philosophy and Social Criticism 20.3 (1994): 109-122.